Magnetic Eyelashes That Embody Beauty

Last year, I happened to attend my friend’s p
arty and somehow felt out of place. I have always considered myself a simple woman...until I was overcome with envy. I had never taken make up seriously until I saw how stunning the other women at the party looked. I'm from a small town where none of us take our appearance too seriously, but when visiting this friend in another state, I realized how much effort some women put into their appearance!  

It was the moment I realised I needed to up my game to a whole new level, to be different, to feel beautiful. I figured that it was too late in the visit to change my look, but I was planning on going to that friend's wedding a few months later, and I was determined to be prepared!  

When I got home, I went on an online shopping spree trying to look for that unique product. Dresses and shoes were pretty easy, but when it came to makeup, I felt clueless...until I came across magnetic eyelashes, and my mind was completely blown. 

One Two Cosmetics is the company that designed this absolute wonder, which is apparently taking the make-up industry by storm. The most interesting feature is the fact that the lashes are completely glue free. I've never used fake eyelashes before, but using glue sounds gross! Turns out there are some gross ingredients in the glue, like formaldehyde, so it sounds like I dodged a bullet. 

The One Two Cosmetics website is well-thought and full of information, namely a detailed explanation of their product, its features, and exactly how to use these magnetic lashes. 

The magnetic lashes are called One Two Lash. The process of application is quite simple as explained below.  

Start out by taking the lashes out of their case. Be sure to distinguish the top lash from the bottom one. The bottom lash has a red dot on it.
  • Pick the top eyelash and place it above your natural eyelash ensuring that the magnetic ends lie along your lash line.
  • Next, you only need to pick up the red-dotted bottom eyelash and align it beneath your natural eyelash. 
  • You will feel the top and bottom magnetic lashes attract and clip into place. 
  • Now you only need to blink a few times and the lashes feel as natural as ever. 
  • In case of misalignment, you may reapply the lashes following the steps. 

Removing the magnetic lashes is so much easier. You only need to press the lashes at the magnetic edges and give it a slight twist to break the magnetic contacts. This procedure may also be applied to remove misalignments in the magnets. 

From what I've read, people tend to go through a lot of falsies before they get the application just right. With magnetic lashes, you don't need a new pair, because they're re-usable. Since I was really only buying these for a wedding, it seemed crazy to buy a bunch of adhesive fake lashes just to practice with and never wear! I figured that with magnetic lashes, I would be able to practice as many times as I need to without wasting them. 

And then the big day came. It was a big day for the bride and groom, but also a big day for me and my new lashes! Since I'm not too experienced with makeup, I wanted to apply it modestly. If I know anything about makeup and fake lashes, it's that there is a very thin line between well-done and overdone.  

I managed to get a good grip on the technique required to apply the magnetic lashes and even perfected it after a few tries. I definitely did not expect the kind of reaction I received after sharing the pictures on Instagram! The pictures were gorgeous, if I do say so myself! I took more selfies that night than I've taken in my entire life. 

Since then, I spread the word about One Two Lashes, and other women I know started using the magnetic lashes tooI was surprised to learn that they wear the lashes to almost all places including the gym, grocery store, and even at home. But it doesn't hurt to look and feel beautiful wherever you are. 

The One Two Cosmetics' magnetic lashes have completely changed my idea of makeup. They are easy to wear and will rarely get ruined in normal day activities (yes, I wear them often now). The lashes made my friend’s big day a great success. The great thing is that one does not need a ton of makeup to look good with these magnetic lashes. It is always nice to see ladies looking and feeling confident and you can be one of those women now with this magnetic lash technology.