Unravelling the True Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of probiotics

Probiotics are very crucial not only for better health but also a stronger immune system. Nowadays, the ads for probiotics have become ubiquitous. There are all over the internet, newspapers, TV , radio and virtually in all forms of media.  

Probiotics are live yeasts and bacteria naturally found in your body and are good and helpful for maintaining your optimal health. Since their benefits cannot be underestimated, it is imperative to have a proper understanding concerning probiotic. Below are some of the benefits of probiotics in a nutshell. 


Currently, there are extensive studies that confirm the actual benefits of probiotics in helping reduce the intensity of the symptoms that are associated with diarrhea. Case in point, when people take antibiotics, they are non-selective in attacking both beneficial and harmful bacteria. It has been estimated that over 30% of individual taking antibiotics will develop diarrhea. 

Research has shown that use of probiotics significantly mitigatesthe symptoms associated with diarrhea. The Lactobacillus family of bacteria is particularly useful. When diarrhea is caused by a potentially harmful and life threatening bacteria known as C.difficile, administration of the Lactobacillus helps its eradication in the digestive system.


Digestive health 

Probiotics play a very vital role in relieving symptoms of constipation and bloating. They are designed to send the beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract mainly the small and the large intestines. Research shows that individuals who were served with the beneficial bacteria daily had tremendous improvement in reduction in bloating vis- a’- vis their counterparts who didn’t take the probiotics.


Skin conditions 

Some studies have demonstrated that pregnant mothers taking probiotics can significantly reduce the risk of their unborn children from getting eczema, an condition in which the skin is extremely dry. Taking probiotics in the last two months of pregnancy through to the first two months of breastfeeding will significantly lower the rates of babies born with eczema.


Upper respiratory infections 

Researchers have analyzed and concluded in several studies that there exists a nexus between probiotics use and the risk of developing upper respiratory infections. They observed that people who took probiotics had lower incidences of developing colds and flu compared to individuals who took none.it has been concluded that serving probiotic enriched milk is likely to protect individuals from developing upper and lower respiratory infections.


Oral health 

Your good oral health, or the lack of it, have a major impact on your overall health. For instance, some heart conditions, rheumatic fever, diabetes and low birth weight are some of the conditions which can be linked to lack of a good oral hygiene. Research has demonstrated that Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria helps reduce bad breath and tooth decay.


Feminine health 

Like the gastrointestinal tract, vagina environment harbors numerous beneficial as well as harmful bacteria. Some women suffer from yeast infection and urinary tract infections, especially while they are taking antibiotics and birth control pills. Use of probiotics helps strike a balance between bad and good bacteria, ensuring that the harmful bacteria are kept at bay.


Infant health 

Colic is a very common and mysterious condition that inflicts infants leading to their uncontrollable crying. However, research has shown that the use of probiotics greatly reduces the pain and discomfort in infants suffering from colic. The infants can get the probiotics directly from the breast milk of their mothers who are taking probiotics. 

There are numerous studies which suggest that probiotics offer additional health benefits. Some of them include: 

1. They assists the body absorb essential nutrients 

2. Helps manage symptoms that accompany lactose intolerance 

3. Accentuates the effectiveness of our immune systems 

Probiotic killers 

In a bid to improve your normal flora balance, it is important to avoid some of the notable probiotic killers. The majority of the people, children included, need probiotic boost due to the use of prescription antibiotics, consumption of chlorinated or fluoridated water, high- carbohydrate diets , dairy and non-organic meat which contain antibiotic residues. Below are some of the potential probiotic killers in our bodies. 

1. Prescription antibiotics 

2. Emotional stress 

3. Sugar 

4. GMO foods 

5. Grains 

6. Chemicals and medications 

7. Tap water 

Considering taking probiotics? 

Generally, probiotics are safe, especially with people who have good health. However, they might lead to minor side effects such as gas accumulation. People who are immune-compromised and those suffering from severe illnesses, particularly those affecting the small and large intestines should shun away from probiotics since they can potentially worsen their symptoms. 

Though chances are good that taking probiotics will not have far reaching ramifications, it breaks no bone to take precaution. It is advisable to contact your doctor in case you are thinking of using probiotics. He can assess your system and give you an expert opinion whether your system will tolerate them.


Bottom line 

Extensive studies have suggested that probiotics offers numerous benefits to the body. However, it is equally important to note that there studies which contradict those findings. Probiotics products are not a magic pill, though it offers additional benefits to our overall health regimen.