Reclaim Your Sexual Performance with PHGH Advanced Male Lifestyle Supplement

For any man, knowing that you cannot meet a woman’s expectations in bed can be very daunting and discomforting. There are many issues that may lead to a man’s loss of proper sexual function ranging from inability to desire a woman to cardiovascular problems like cholesterol imbalance, high blood pressure, and a general lack of strength. This issue affects millions of men across the globe, and the number is increasing by the day. That's where PHGH comes in.

Take me for instance. I started developing cardiovascular issues at 42, and while my doctor told me this was normal at my age, I still couldn’t stand the fact that I was having trouble meeting my wife’s bedroom expectations. I was losing confidence. One morning I contacted my doctor and asked if I could get some erection pill prescription to help me last longer in bed. I had heard some of my friends with erectile dysfunction were using some pills. After the doctor explained that my bedroom problem was majorly due to cardiovascular issues and loss of sexual function (and nothing to do with desire), I went online to try and find the best supplement that could address the problem. I found exactly what I needed in Lawrence Supplement's PHGH.

What This Supplement Can Do for You

I read about the ingredients and how it worked and immediately knew that this was the right supplement for me. I found out that the ingredients in this supplement have been scientifically proven to improve sexual performance by boosting erections-something I really wanted. It contains ancient herbs that have been used for decades to correct a range of health problems, which includes widening your blood vessels (vasodilators), and thus enhancing blood flow so that you can efficiently rise to the occasion and fully meet your woman’s needs. Again, it is important to point out the fact that this supplement can shorten the refractive periods (recovery time) during sexual sessions. This means more and hotter sex.

Here are the ingredients and what they do:

• Tribulus Terrestris

Found abundantly in Southern Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa, this potent herb is a natural aphrodisiac that instigates the production of hormone testosterone which is very critical to any man’s sexual drive. Besides, recent clinical studies have suggested that this herb can protect heart cells, which is beneficial to men with cardiovascular conditions.

• Arginine

This is an amino-acid that improves nitric acid levels in your blood. Suitable amounts of nitric acid in your blood relax your blood vessels resulting in smooth blood flow, which in turn hardens your penis and gives you harder erections.

• Tongkat Ali

This herb has been used since time immemorial to improve sex drive by boosting testosterone levels and stimulating the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine increases libido.

• Epimedium

This herb is also commonly referred to as the horny goat weed. Ancient to China, this herb is also an aphrodisiac which has been scientifically proven to have the same effects as arginine (opening blood vessels and improving blood flow).

• Maca

Besides improving sex drive, this potent root herb significantly increases your sperm count (which is good for you especially if you are trying to have a baby) besides also increasing your libido.

Perhaps one of the reasons PHGH is more successful than most other similar products is the fact that its formula combines these five ingredients that efficiently work to address various conditions that cause men’s sexual problems. Many similar products lack these components.

It is worth mentioning that this supplement was developed by a famous porn star, John Lawrence. The life and work of porn stars can be demanding, and for male porn stars to perform properly, most of them need enhancement supplements. When John Lawrence realized his supplements were not up to the task, he decided to develop PHGH free from harmful chemicals and poorly extracted ingredients. Lawrence assures men faced with erectile dysfunction and other sex drive problems that this supplement will not only improve their penile hardness but that it will also take their libido levels to greater heights.

So, stop just wishing for higher strength and harder erections. Get yourself this excellent enhancement supplement, PHGH, today and rise to the occasion whenever called upon to do so!