Should We Always Substitute Meals With Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes are widely used for their convenience, ease and weight losing benefits. But is it wise to substitute them with meals all the time?

There are many protein shakes in the market and each consists of different ingredients so it’s important you do your research and read the labels carefully before you purchase them. The best meal replacement shakes have about 100-150 calories, 10gs of protein, 2-3gs of fat and a few grams of sugar. Some shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t make them healthy substitutes for whole foods.

The most effective way to lose weight is keeping track of your calorie intake; meal replacement shakes have about 100-150 calories in them whereas your regular meal has 600 or more calories. If you substitute a meal with these shakes you can lose up to a pound per week.

Meal replacement shake is best to consume with other natural foods. This way you will get the necessary nutrients that is needed by your body. The vitamins and minerals contained in every meal replacement shake can meet higher percentage of RDA needs.

The content that it includes is high protein, lower-fat and low-calorie diet. All these three combine to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.

Other diet supplements and ordinary shakes contain high level of sugar but there are some chosen meal replacement shake in the market that are low in sugar. Consuming those help you to stabilize the insulin of your body. This results in the highest contribution of extra fat disposal.

Meal replacement shake is the perfect alternate for those who are very busy to count their calories but also want to shade some extra pounds. These shakes are worth your money and can help you easily reach your weight loss goals

You must need to maintain some rules while having a meal replacement shake diet. Don’t consume excess protein. Research has shown that consuming more protein than required for long periods of time can cause heart or liver problems, digestive problems and nutritional imbalances. 

You need to limit the interval of your regular meals and balance with meal replacement shake, and it should be replaced only once for a day. Try bringing up a good balance by adding necessary nutrients while consuming meal replacement shake. This won’t adversely affect your health and will help you to stop hunger. You can take meal replacement shake as an alternate for the most troublesome meal of your day. But you need to make sure that you are firmly stick with your calorie intake count. The regular and normal meals that you will be taking along with your meal replacement shake should be balanced in terms of nutrition. This will maximize your possibility of weight loss goals.

Summing up, except the weight loss there is no benefit of consuming protein shakes as meal substitutes. It is recommended that you don’t replace more than one meal a day with a meal replacement shake.
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